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Puppet shows no fear for release of highly-anticipated EP

Monstercat royalty Puppet has finally released his much-anticipated Fear Is Fleeting EP and has enlisted some fairly big names in the EDM community. The six-track EP features close friends Pierce Fulton, Foria, Murtagh, Aaron Richards and labelmate Richard Caddock to give the collection an extra boost.

Fear Is Fleeting kicks off with the atmospheric and drone-sounding "Listen To The Storm" and glides smoothly into the upbeat "To Be Alive", featuring Aaron Richards. Puppet, with the help of Foria, keep the euphoric atmosphere going with "I'm Here" and then slows it down with Pierce Fulton for the romance-inducing "Just You". The Chicago-native stands alone with "Play Pretend", a track with a heavy Daft Punk influence, which may be due to his introduction to dance music via the French-duo. The EP finishes big with the Murtagh and Richard Caddock assisted "Killing Giants", a track with heavy bass and dub sounds and intense vocals.

Overall, Fear Is Fleeting is an EP which is cohesive in its atmospheric sound and immerses the listener in an other-worldly universe. Pop in your headphones and get lost for a while.

Puppet will be performing live in New York on December 12th and in Los Angeles on December 14th, as well as Sunburn Festival in India at the end of December. For more information, please head to Puppet's official website.

Connect with Puppet: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter



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