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Watch Persian Empire's mesmerising and otherworldy 'KÜNO' video

Flutters of excited, colourful light constantly scattering and gleaming across the screen; the sound of the waves visually foam and swell, fictitiously almost radioactive in colour, whilst simultaneously journeying through a mirage of forest with fluorescent bold green hues. The video for KÜNO is short, but incredibly mysterious and exciting. Persian Empire sonically compliments this intrigue beautifully. The EP is characteristically infused with gorgeously rich electronic jazz and experimental influence. Throughout which, the musical time felt is obscure with unconventional rhythms, 'You Are What You Feel' having a 12/8 time signature. The synth erosion also reminds the listener how fleeting each moment is. Listen to the whole EP below or catch a limited run of the KÜNO EP on vinyl on Persian Empire's Bandcamp

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