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Wisconsin rapper Rob Hicks just released "Perception" track

In late 2014 rapper Rob Hicks released his debut mixtape, and since then the relatively unknown rapper has been on the rise. The young man from 22 miles south of Milwaukee might be able to put Racine, Wisconsin on the map with his unique flows. He signed an independent record deal to ThriftSoul in May of 2015, and since then his fan base has been steadily increasing. His body of work is limited but expanding, and "Perception" is a good way to start the period of serious growth he could undertake. Not many artists can showcase their versatility on one track, but the Wisconsin emcee shows off a few different flows on "Perception". The song comes together nicely under Hicks' energetic rapping abilities, and the only artist anyone could begin to compare him to would be a young Danny Brown. A catchy hook, strong verses, and solid production from Seym all combine to make "Perception" a track that should be his biggest yet. 

You can listen to "Perception" here: 

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