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"Go Tell The Mandem" that HALFBROTHER are here to take over

There are plenty of famous duos; Obama & Biden (yes, those memes!), Batman & Robin, The Ying Yang Twins. All of them contributed a whole lot to their respective fields (don't act like The Ying Yang Twins didn't give us a club anthem), and it seems like the UK has been given a new pairing to get excited about; introducing HALFBROTHER. Made up of talented vocalist Murkage Dave, and master of the boards Used To, HALFBROTHER are here to stamp their authority down on the music world, starting with their brilliant opening single "Go Tell The Mandem".

The slow, pop r&b anthem mixes airy synths, epic drums and smooth bass lines, with Dave's raspingly beautiful vocals, creating a wavy wander through the mind of someone coming to grips with who he really is, casting aside male stereotypes and finding his own path in the world with how he acts and presents himself. Sometimes you need to fight against the flow of crowd.

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Pop · R&B · U.K.


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