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Take a trip with Kamaliza's mesmerizing "Zermatt" [Video Premiere]

Not much is known about Sydney based Kam Salamba (aka Kamaliza). What we do know is that alongside London based company, Cape & Monocle, Kamaliza has created a visual interpretation for "Zermatt" as beautiful and as complex as the song itself.

"Zermatt" is a journey through an array of ethereal colours, the most intricate details and abstract landscapes. The music behind the magic is a contemporary blend of electronic and alternative, as refreshing as the video itself. Kamaliza gave EARMILK his vision and the inspiration behind his creation:

"Traveling realigns my focus and puts things back into perspective. Whilst traveling in Switzerland I was in awe of its natural beauty. I arrived at the Matterhorn in Zermatt and was overtaken with just how titanic it was. It filled me with a joy that only nature can. The experience of my trip was shared with someone special; I did my best to capture those moments."

Connect with Kamaliza: Soundcloud / Twitter / Facebook


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