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Stella Rio releases jazzy new single "Don't Go Away" [Premiere]

Stella Rio is one of those rare artists whose goal is not to be famous, but to be great. Despite this, her distinct pop sound, infused with soulful jazz elements is on the verge of sending slow ripples through the music industry. 

Her new single "Don't Go Away," produced by grammy nominated team Kuya, highlights her vocals, which blend jazz divas of the past with more modern elements. The song is as vulnerable as someone newly in love, which is essentially the story behind the music. 

For Stella, opening up to that special someone was a learned process, as the singer met someone spontaneously on her travels. From the emotions that flooded in during her chance experience, "Don't Go Away" was born. It can serve as a memory for Stella, and as a shared experience for the listener. 

When describing the track, Stella says, "The song is about meeting that special person and feeling that you're connected on a deeper level and never wanting to let that feeling go. I think most people can relate because deep down most people chase that kind of love." 

Currently writing for new Little Mix album, Glory Days, the 23-year-old Toronto artist is also using her songwriting talents on Canadian DJ's DVBBS Wicked Ways EP. 

Connect with Stella Rio: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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