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Dumbfoundead paints his legacy in "Murals" [Video]

Dumbfoundead’s latest album, We Might Die dropped just under two weeks ago, and as such, he has liberated a fresh new video for the song “Murals”. Dummy has always impressed me with his music videos. Recently, he has done some serious flexing with videos for “Safe”, “Harambe”, but a good music video is nothing new for the Koreatown native. If you continue to dive deep through his video library, you will certainly be impressed. For instance, his video for “Growing Young” is one of my favorite videos of all time and shows that you can do a lot with just a camera and some work ethic.

As you could guess, “Murals” is no different. He starts the video out with a bit of humor before focusing on a wall outside of a liquor store that he frequents. One thing I really like about Dummy, which is perfectly exemplified in this video, is that he is very authentic. He stays true to his city and is constantly referencing LA and K Town throughout his music. The video showcases Dum rapping in front of a liquor store as a lifetime of events are acted out behind him, all the while his mural is being painted on the side.

It’s a nice visual to go along with the theme of being immortalized through his art and pairs perfectly with the song. If you haven’t given We Might Die a listen, I urge you to do so while you’ve got some time off over the holidays.

You can find the video above, so press play and be sure to keep your eyes and ears on EARMILK for more news on Dumbfoundead.

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