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Meat Wave thrashes once again with "The Incessant"

Chicago punk trio Meat Wave have a new album on the horizon. The SideOneDummy signees wowed critics and fans with their 2015 entry, Delusion Moon. It seems a year later, they've managed to record with the legendary Steve Albini and are finally ready to release another record.

First blood from the yet-to-be-named album comes from this video for a track titled "The Incessant." The visual is a lyric video with red-tinted hues over images of city life and old grainy footage.  Just as Meat Wave, it's a boisterous, clashing of instruments with a deep feeling of hopelessness. Rhythm dominates the track as singer Chris Sutter shouts about the unpleasant and "The Incessant," asking "What's the worst thing you've ever done?" There's no doubt about it: we're all ready for new Meat Wave.

Meat Wave's hints at a new record drop on their official website. A video appears on their website full of various shades of red, full of clips from the upcoming album paired with abrasive reverb effects. "It's coming for you," the band has been warning on their Twitter.

Keep an eye out for more info on a new Meat Wave record, which hopefully will be dropping soon. Hear "The Incessant" up above, check out their Audiotree Live performance over here.

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