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Tre Sera brings the heat with first release "Show Me What You're Made Of"

After months of studio time and writing, the former rock frontman is debuting his new project Tre Sera with the release of "Show Me What You're Made Of", featuring Matthew Grant. The project is allowing the producer to explore new possibilities with production and plans to focus on lyrics and vocals while still providing hip-hop beats with a dance focus.

As a first release for Tre Sera, it's a fairly impressive one. "Show Me What You're Made Of" is rich in production elements due to previous experience and makes it sound like he has been producing electronic music for years. He weaves pop, hip hop and trap seamlessly and the addition of Matthew Grant's vocals gives the track a hint of smoothness. Tre Sera is certainly showing us what he's made of with this first release and we're looking forward to what will come of this new project.

Connect with Tre Sera: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter



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