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ELJAY unveils delectable remix of "All We Know"

The Chainsmokers are notorious in the electronic scene, as it seems every producer seems to be jumping at the opportunity to remix their catchy tracks. But this isn't necessarily a negative thing, amongst the many variations of "Closer", "Roses", "All We Know" and others, we've been exposed to some versions that may surpass the original. Coming up with his own spin to the latest Chainsmoker's work is London-based ELJAY, who added his own twist to "All We Know". Get yourself acquainted with the electronic producer, as he's definitely a name that's growing hype in the scene. ELJAY particularly has a sweet spot for turning popular tracks around and adding a wavy future bass flair. Alongside his refreshing rendition of popular tunes, ELJAY's album art consistently holds an ominous but gentle aesthetic through graceful photographs. 

In "All We Know", ELJAY holds on to the serene nature of the track but adds more emphasis on an echoey atmosphere. The build up twists into a bouncy bliss, combining a warped flute and hard-hitting percussion which suit the light vocals of Phoebe Ryan. The track is a fresh of breath air with its sweet wispiness, setting the tone for a comforting experience in each listen. 

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