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Nyxen unleashes "Monsters" off her new Running EP [Premiere]

Australia has turned out some amazing talent for electronic pop. Artists like Flume, Bag Raiders, Van She, and Chet Faker only begin to scratch the surface of the gold being offered up to our ears. Producer Nyxen is my latest Australian encounter and her new track “Monsters” offers up the most enchanting layers of texture to swoon over. The downtempo melodies and shots of ethereal disembodied vocals make for a lovely listening experience, especially when the track breaks into moments with more of a solid beat and heavier synth line.

Nyxen has been a hit with Australia’s Triple J Unearthed charts and now she’s out to charm everyone else’s ears. “Monster” is the B-side track off Nyxen’s Running EP, out now via Australian label Unknown Records.

Connect with Nyxen: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter


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