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Big Baby Gandhi wards off a white nation with "Ban This Dick America"

Queens rapper Big Baby Gandhi dropped an explosive response to Trump's elect this week. Of course, anyone who has followed any ex-Das Racist affiliate should know this comes as no surprise. Big Baby Gandhi took it to the studio to get some thoughts out concerning the hateful, racist, bigoted, xenophobic and sexist man, Donald Trump. Using a flow similar to Chuck D and taking inspiration from Public Enemy's "Rebel Without A Pause," Gandhi spits lyrics in protest of a nation being ruled by another white old man who disregards other races and religions.

yeahhh the rhythm the rebel
true terrorist im trippin on the treble
grew the beard out now they think im the enemy clear a plane out when i squeeze in a window seat
been looking out my window for weeks
my name could be muhammad my name could be malik
damn even
yr name could be steven
when u look a certain way a certain way u get treated

Angrily, Gandhi raps on the topics of paranoia, acceptance, and privacy in our white nation. He's terrified of having his rights violated by equally ignorant white men as Trump. His self-produced beat reigns of police sirens and high-level stress. And basically, we're right there with him.

Listen to "Ban This Dick America" down below for three straight verses of a terrifying America.

Connect with Big Baby Gandhi: Twitter  | Bandcamp



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