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Introducing SVFARI and his new smooth track "Switch Your Love"

It's another Thursday in 2016, where great music is pouring out of the UK. We have a very special budding artist for you to get to know, who comes from that crop. SVFARI has one track under his belt so far, entitled "Beautiful Human," and introducing his impressive electronic R&B styling. Today, he's making it clear that he's on a road to making his forthcoming debut EP impressive with the release of his sophomore single, "Switch Your Love." A track with future production featured from ATLAS, "Switch Your Love" is a platform for SVFARI's talent and vocal reach - not just with talent but with emotion.
I couldn’t help but feel like if it was so easy to find somebody new so soon, she could probably switch back to me just as easily.
The track itself finds SVFARI wondering his place in a relationship, after an ex moved on in an unusually fast way after their relationship. Since he's been writing songs since the age of 10, channeling that sensitivity and insecurity into the track came easily on this one. "Switch Your Love" is a track that will resonate, and stay with you (in your head) after a listen or two - a good sign for the budding artist in SVFARI.


Connect with SVFARI: SoundCloud | Facebook

Future R&B · Pop · Premiere · R&B


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