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Waju and Phantom Thrett Go With the Flow on "If U Wanna"

Los Angeles based MC Waju’s latest soulful contribution to the modern beat scene comes in the form of his new track “If U Wanna.” Melodies from vocalist Phantom Thrett float over a comfortable beat, while Waju lives in the moment on the hook, Move if you wanna/ Groove if you wanna/ It’s cool if you wanna just do what you wanna.

Waju maintains a mellow mood on this tune by giving up control in his lyrics, complimenting groovy instrumentals produced by Medasin. This track makes you want to kick back and spread positivity, a much appreciated continuation of Waju’s feel-good raps. Check out Waju's Soundcloud and listen to the new track below!

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Future R&B · Hip-Hop · Soul-Hop


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