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Zuma rolls in sultry vibes in "Ruby" ft. Lenis Kim & Yngdrgn

Based out of San Diego, producer Zuma has sneakily creeped his way into my radar with a complex and captivating approach at electronic production. I had first heard of the producer with his successful work "Haste" featuring smokey vocals from artist Nsolo. With peculiar usage of sounds weaved into the rawness in Nsolo's voice, "Haste" proved to be a stimulating work combining feels with crisp sound design. After further probing the producer's Soundcloud library, it's transparent Zuma has an aptitude for unifying soul and synthetic intricacies.

In Zuma's latest, "Ruby" brings together some fresh names including Yngdrgn and Lenis Kim. This isn't the first collaboration that Zuma and Lenis Kim have worked on, as they've joined heads in bedroom banger "All Nite". The track takes on a classic R&B vibe with fluid background synths and perky percussion work. Lenis Kim's tangy vocals perfectly compliment the haziness of Lenis Kim's words. All in all, the collaboration of "Ruby" utilizes simplicity in a beautiful way, bringing forward an undeniable sexiness.

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