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Listen to Bleach Day's debut LP 'Where To Dream'

"Reflections of reality and nonsense waver through reverb-washed levels of fidelity like a dreamer might cycle through different levels of consciousness". This is how Burlington, VT-based Bleach Day describe their debut album Where To Dream

Written, recorded, and mixed by the production duo in their home studio using two 8-track tape decks, analog gear and digital sound design, Where To Dream experiments with different levels of fidelity and noise. Out via af tapes (Apartment 3, Amelia Devoid, The Static Circus), Bleach Day's debut straddles a reverb-heavy yet subdued psychedelia as well as a whatever-fi dream world of art/jangle pop. It's quite the mix. 

Stream Where To Dream below or on Spotify here. Buy a cassette here

Connect with Bleach Day: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Indie · Lo-Fi · Noise · Noise-Pop · Psychedelic


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