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White Cliffs ft. Hugh EP "Come Here" is a jaunty dance tune

Brooklyn based producer White Cliffs describes himself as a "Music chef cooking jams for your face."With a quick peak at his menu, it's apparent the electronic producer has an array of flavours to sample. The first we'd heard from White Cliffs was his feel good original "Comfortable", which boasted groovy and deep bass in a soulful atmosphere. Other stand out tunes include his remixes of Louis the Child's "It's Strange" and Alex Clare's "Too Close".  It seems the producer has a talent for developing a warmth in his music, exhibiting positive and upbeat melodies. 

In his latest release "Come Here" released via PRMD DSCVR, he takes on a different dance-hall approach. White Cliffs collaborates with friend and vocalist Hugh EP, who provides smokey and catchy words to accompany the work. The track is percussion heavy, highlighting clunkiness of dance-hall tunes set to spark a fire on the dance floor. Though it's a somewhat slower vibe, the bounciness of "Come Here" induces hypnotic vibes to smoothly groove and jive to. The track definitely stands out a unique approach to electronic music, considering the exotic sounds of the world and spiking it with a trendy twist. 

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