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Seven Lions, Illenium, Said the Sky and HALIENE team up in exquisite track "Rush Over Me"

As fun and party-oriented the electronic music scene is, there will always be a need for emotionally engaging content. Above the hype and rowdiness of it all, the emotional connection listeners have with music trumps all. Seven Lions, Illenium and Said the Sky are undoubtedly some names that have helped shape today's melodic electronic sound, all steeping in a intricate poignance. All three names have developed their own enigmatic identities, consistently pushing forward deeply emotional electronic music with a cinematic approach. With the introduction of vocals from singer HALIENE, this dream collaboration has come to life in the sublime form of "Rush Over Me", released via Seeking Blue and Kasaya Records

HALIENE's vocals shine through as serene, positioning listeners somewhere in between reality and a daydream. The airiness in her cadence beautifully compliments the impending drop, full of euphoric gust and vivacity. A rawness is found in both the words and synths used throughout "Rush Over Me", emulating pure human vulnerability in it's melodies. The slight glitch and imperfection present in the breakdown mirror the brokenness found in HALIENE's timbre. All in all, "Rush Over Me" surpasses all expectations from the monstrous collaboration. Together, the artists create a sonic masterpiece pleasing to the ear and honest to the heart.

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