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DEMUR exhibits uncontainable energy in "Stairs"

If you haven't heard of DEMUR yet, it's about time you associate yourself with the musical revolution he's leading. The multi-talented producer takes a stab at the shallowness of today's electronic music and brings forward his eclectic talent that further breaks of the mould of electronic tropes. With a neo-punk attitude and high energy approach in his sound, DEMUR's renegade like tactics bring him forward as not only a musician, but as an advocate for passion and authenticity. 

His last release "Declaration" was a kinetic burst of energy that set the bar for any hard hitting tracks in the industry. In his latest single "Stairs", DEMUR mixes in components of rock, drum and bass and breakbeats. The quickened tempo, bass spikes and cryptic vocals create for a unique soundscape to entice listeners into something completely unique. Static pumps and hypnotic melodies make "Stairs" a mesmerizing work. With each release, DEMUR showcases a captivating attitude to challenge and break all musical boundaries. 

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