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Kids At Midnight wants us to "Turn It Off"

Kids At Midnight, the solo project of singer/songwriter/producer, Jane Elizabeth Hanley returns to the internet today with an emotionally charged single "Turn It Off". The Melbourne-based artist shares with us that she hasn't picked up a guitar in years, but managed to get her hands on one for the new record and she's done quite a fine job for being out of practice. Jane's electronic under-bed and dreamy production pairs well with her heartfelt lyrics, as she tells her own story. She remarks, “This track is a pretty literal explanation of what it feels like to be completely out of our mind about someone, but kind of liking it. It sounds weird but I love the concept of desperation and how that’s so improper in this age of self-help, how we’re all meant to be so in control of everything all the time. I think it’s lovely to be calm and in control but when I look back I’ve never felt so alive when I was really desiring against what I knew to be ‘good’ for me.”  

‘Turn It Off’ is available now from iTunes or Spotify, and up for free download via her Soundcloud. Give it a stream below. 

Connect with Kids At Midnight: Soundcloud I Twitter

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