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Press "Play" on Ben Talmi's infectious single [Premiere]

New York-based artist Ben Talmi is no stranger to creating captivating melodies. Until recently he has been working behind the scenes writing string arrangements for Manchester Orchestra and Wild Nothings as well as writing a few film scores. Stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight, Ben recently signed to Communion Records to release his latest single.

Cue lights, press play, enter stage right, Ben sings. "Roll the dice." His latest release "Play," is simple but stunning, cozying up to the same key to create a catchy melody. It starts off minimalistic, vocals front and center, with keys lightly tinkering in the background. The chorus smashes in like an eager dog taking a corner too fast, ready to play and bursting with vibrant enthusiasm. Accompanying the song is an equally stunning music video created by Mark Warren Jaques. The contrasting design on and screen lyrics allows you to drink in each verse of the song in a full sensory way. Check out the video below. 

Connect with Ben Talmi: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter 

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