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Miniature Tigers are "Crying In The Sunshine" [Video]

Miniature Tigers has dropped the visuals for their catchy tune "Crying In The Sunshine." The video features dazzling shots of an astronaut in outer space and other crazy backdrops. You can even catch the spaceman doing "The Robot" on top of the planet Saturn. It's a light-hearted, zany, acid trip into the great beyond.

"Crying In The Sunshine" is off of Miniature Tiger's 5th studio album Dreamt I Was A Cowboy. Lead singer Charlie Brand wrote the song while he was in a state of depression. “I was walking through a canyon in Southern California. I remember I was crying and I remember the sun blinding me. It felt comforting to be that sad in such a beautiful place, surrounded by flowers and cactus,” said Brand. “I wanted the music to feel like my life being blown apart in that canyon. I wrote the lyrics on the walk home and I finished the song the following afternoon.” At least he got a hit song out of it. Enjoy the crazy ride of "Crying In The Sunshine."

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