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Sean Turk's ability to touch emotions is "Second Nature" in Stalking Gia remix

Sean Turk is raising some heat this year with his abilities to rework both underground indie tunes and our pop favourites. From DJ Snake, Stephen and now Stalking Gia, he does not shy away from any genre and embraces all sounds with open arms. What he does best is add a sophisticated future vibe to sultry and emotional vocals, never undermining his abilities with each remix and continues to prove himself as an artist to watch with top notch releases.

With his latest sexy rework of Stalking Gia's "Second Nature", he reimagines the otherwise funk-filled track by giving it a steamy bedroom makeover. His clunky percussions add an organic touch, bringing the song back to basics. Stalking Gia's vocals are wispy and angelic, lightly brushing at the enticing bass-lines that Sean Turk has crafted. His rendition of "Second Nature" is the perfect amount of sweet and spice, catering to the yin and yang of lust and love.

“I worked a long time and spent thousands of hours on my craft. I was always trying to create music that would draw emotions out from people. I wanted my audience or even just ONE person to feel the same way I did when the record was created. To finally see things unfold is such a blessing honestly.” - Sean Turk

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