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Goldwash releases music video for his track "Separate"

The doorknob rattles and a thief and his accomplice enter the classy, furnished home. There's a quick heartbeat of anticipation before funky synths snake their way into the scene, and suddenly both thieves have transformed themselves into polished-up visions of elegance. The man, poised and dapper-looking in the suit he stole from the closet upstairs. The woman, sophisticated and graceful in a sparkling pink dress. She comes down from the top of the stairs, and the camera pans to the man's face, a picture of pure awestruck joy as he sees the woman in her new attire. 

This is the scene first presented to viewers in Goldwash's recently released music video for his good natured track "Separate". A three and half minute long video, the "Separate" music video shows the man and woman waltzing in the living room, drinking champagne, essentially having the time of their lives. Colorful, flaring lights bask them in a warm glow as they dance, occasionally zooming over to Goldwash playing a grand piano in cooler-colored shots. 

Above all else, the music video is about fully enjoying opportunities seized, with no hesitation. It's a fun video for a totally jamming song, so watch it now for a quick dose of cheer up. 




Funk · Future Funk · Indie · Indie Pop


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