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sosupersam looks to provide the freshness with new EP "GARDEN" [Interview]

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In today's world, it's become the status quo for artists to wear many hats. Some wear them better than others. One person that does just that is Samantha Duenas, better known as sosupersam. You may know her as a DJ in the Soulection camp, but sosupersam is also a dancer, fashionista, entrepreneur, vocalist, and so much more.

She is preparing for the release of her first EP as recording artist entitled GARDEN on September 23rd. With the first single off GARDEN - "So" featuring P-Lo - receiving such a great response, sosupersam is ready to make her mark with her r&b stylings.

We had the opportunity to chat with the renaissance woman about juggling her many titles and what listeners can expect on GARDEN.

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EARMILK: What are five words that describe sosupersam?
sosupersam: Perfection-seeking, goofy, sensitive, honest, sarcastic.
EARMILK: What are the "go-to" songs in sosupersam's music library?
sosupersam: The Notorious B.I.G. - "One More Chance" (Remix); Usher - "U Don't Have to Call" (Durkin Remix); Louie Lastic - "Reactions"; Hard Drive - "Deep Inside"
EARMILK: What's your favorite part of being a DJ?
sosupersam: My favorite part of being a DJ is creating a good vibe for people to let go and enjoy their lives; and the fact that I get to do that for people all over the world!
EARMILK: How do you juggle wearing your many creative hats - DJ, Singer, Dancer, Fashionista?
sosupersam: I work -- a lot!  I sort of thrive best when I've bitten of more than I can chew, and I'm on the brink of insanity.  I worry and stress a lot, but I eventually hit a "fuck it" point and just go with it.  You can only prepare so much.  I have an awesome group of people around me to help get everything done. 
EARMILK: What made you decide to release a solo project now?
sosupersam: I've been wanting to create a vocal project for years. It's taken time to figure out the direction, and then find the courage, inspiration, and the right people to collaborate with.  All of these things have developed over time, and I just so happened to complete an EP right about now.  I wish it had happened sooner, but this process can't be rushed.  So now seems like as good a time as ever.
EARMILK: How did you decide on the title for your new EP - GARDEN?
sosupersam: One of my writing partners, Dana, is a long time childhood friend and throughout the years we'd catch up with each other using the metaphor of growing a garden to describe various works or ventures or passions in progress.  This so happened to be our singing garden, which for years had been stagnant, and has bloomed with the help of Rose, my other writing partner.  We wrote a lot of the EP in her basement, which we nicknamed the rose garden. At the time of creating this project, I even lived on "Garden Street" in LA.  Literally all signs pointed to GARDEN.
EARMILK: What can listeners expect to hear on GARDEN?
sosupersam: You'll hear me sing!  A lot of cool, and smooth r&b with catchy hooks, some acoustic emotional moments.  We experimented with a lot of different sounds, and different ways to use my voice.
EARMILK: Can we expect to hear more of you singing in your mixes?
sosupersam: Absolutely.  More singing.  more singing.  more singing.

GARDEN drops September 23rd.

Interview · Main Stage · R&B


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