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ENV reels in a nostalgic sound in dance track "Your Love" ft. Little Nikki

The electronic music world is vast, with artists constantly bringing forward more experimental sounds. But UK-based ENV is taking it back to the basicsreleasing work that references back to dance music's origins. ENV has a tasty style, one that takes on the primal nature of house music, promoting good vibes through indelible bass-lines. He's not only a producer, but a rapper and classically trained pianist, showcasing his expansive range in talent. 

He's recently unveiled a music video and track "Your Love" in collaboration with pop singer Little Nikki via Uprise. Little Nikki is best known for "Little Nikki Says" and has had a range of singles peaking the UK Singles chart. It's not the first time the duo has worked together, after putting their heads together on 2015's "In the Air". Little Nikki's honeyed vocals work as a perfect pairing for ENV's productions, catering to the simplicity in it's beat. "Your Love" begins with a pulsating of the bass and introduction to Little Nikki's sweet vocal work. A solid 90's vibe is present throughout the track with it's loopy nature hooking listeners into it's groove. "Your Love" is easily a hit on the dance floor, embracing the purpose of club music in it's subtle sax quirks and jauntiness. 

Connect with ENV: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter
Connect with Little Nikki: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter



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