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Majestique shares "Moonlight" off their new 'Overload' EP [Premiere]

Back with another Dirty Soul stunner, Dutch producers Majestique return with the follow up to the cinematic heavy synths of the Science Of The Heart EP. The duo's new Overload EP has more tracks that tap into that soulful, feminine side of Majestique's production.  There's a little something for everyone with this EP—at times it hits with an edgier, more analog sound and still there are points with free-flowing melodies and more ethereal synths. Today, we're sharing the EP's opener, a dynamic and addicting track called "Moonlight."

Right from the start when the synths ease in with the vocals, "Moonlight" hooks your ears. Then it only gets better when Majestique throws on all these swirling melodies but somehow grounds it all with this deep, rich bass and a solid kick. It makes for a heady, yet groovy time. Majestique packs in three more delicious, yet unique tracks into their new Overload EP which you can expect to find out this Friday.  

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