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Fenech-Soler returns with new 'Kaleidoscope' EP [Video]

After wooing the world with their Rituals album, Fenech-Soler is finally back with a new tune called “Kaleidoscope” and an equally exuberant video to match. It’s been three years and the band is down two members, but brothers Ben and Ross Duffy carry the same infectious high-energy synth pop that first hooked everyone’s ear. The track goes between these tame bits and sudden bursts of signature Fenech-Soler moments where you can just let loose and dance.

Much like the track itself, the video for “Kaleidescope” knows how to have fun. We get to explore and party in the mother of all sheet forts. Between the colors, lights, and exciting music, it’s hard not to resist crawling underneath the sheets to hang out with the Fenech-Soler guys. It seems like that’s where the party is. Along with this new track, the Kaleidescope EP comes with three other tunes on which to feast. Find it out now and available from digital retailers like iTunes.

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