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Dillon Francis drops "Anywhere" with Will Heard

Dance music's favorite personality Dillon Francis has released his latest track today. The follow up to the almost gimmicky nostalgia and infectiousness of "Candy" released earlier this summer, "Anywhere" is a new look from Francis. Don't get it confused, he's done this before with his collaboration with TEED - and "Anywhere" serves as a reminder that Dillon Francis isn't just a creator of banging moombahton and electro tracks or hilarious Snapchat skits, but also knows what the hell he's doing in serving up a crossover pop track.

"Anywhere" is a collaboration with Will Heard, a vocalist who we've heard from on similar infectious crossover tracks like his work with Rudimental last year. Uplifting, infectious and lighthearted, "Anywhere" isn't just an easy pass at something for the radio. It's a track that dance fans and pop fans alike can enjoy. It's out today via Columbia Records.

Connect with Dillon Francis: Facebook  | Soundcloud | Twitter

Dance · Electro · House


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