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Indigo Ford feels like an "Animal" in her latest joint

The jerk movement a good few years ago was something I was always a fan of. One person who was a success during that period was Indigo Ford, who went under the moniker Indigo Vanity, amassing millions of views on her tracks, and gaining a legion of fans in the process. Fast forward seven years, and with a new alias, Ford is back on the music scene, just this time.. it's a lot more than just music. She is an advocate for freeing sex slaves, stopping the abuse of women and supporting women's rights, as her Church Of I website shows.

Indigo's latest joint is "Animal", a lo-fi, middle fingers up salute to a world in which the mainstream media tend to objectify women, making them seem less superior than their male counterparts. Backed by a dark, moody instrumental, Ford takes to the track with authority, almost chanting her lyrics to the listener, telling women that they're better than some may say they are. Lyrically, Indigo talks about how she feels like an animal, almost going stir crazy in her room after moving to Washington and not really knowing anyone in the area. As she puts it "Animals is more than just a song, its an anthem for freedom, for people wanting to escape and strive for more in their lives.

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