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Dark/dream-pop duo Dog Orchestra's "Broke" will shake you up [Premiere]

Here’s a hard truth: nobody is ever “too busy.” People make time for what is important to them and they are “too busy” for everything else. The same can be applied to being broke. While yeah, they may not have twenty bucks to grab a drink, it also means they spent their money and their time on something more important to them.

In Swedish duo Dog Orchestra’s latest single “Broke” they talk about just that — that love is both costly and requires time. The single is dark and brooding, carefully calling upon the male / female duet to create a narrative that intertwines this story of love, desire, and materialism. The female sings, “If you want my heart. I will play that part. But love is gonna keep me broke.” And the male responds, “If you want my heart, I’ll take credit cards, but nothing’s gonna keep me broke.” It’s a brilliant and poetic look into what love has become, our love of materials overshadowing our love of intimacy and personal connection.

In addition to the single’s release, the band shares visuals, directed by Vice Cooler, that are as  haunting and heartbreaking as the single. A couple is seen in the eerie woods before donning the mask oof the inner dark desires, transporting them to a black isolated world. It’s a beautiful and eerie video that pairs perfectly with the single. "Broke" is off their Meow EP, which you can check out below. 

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