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Get lost in stunning new Driftwood. music video "Astrophe"

"Aesthetic" is the first word that comes to mind when talking about Australia's up and coming singer-songwriter Driftwood. This guy gets it. I just discovered his work recently but was immediately blown away by the aesthetic he brings to the table, specifically in the videos he pairs with his music.  

The music and imagery fit together seamlessly in a way one might find done by a large team of  people with a massive budget and major backing. Driftwood. on the other hand creates his videos with no major backing, no outside funding and only a very small team of his close personal friends. Not only does he write and sing his own lyrics, he also directs and edits the videos he puts out using 100% original footage shot by him and his friend Matt Scott Chow who headed as the DOP for "Astrophe." These incredible images paired with the smooth production of Colourd Noyz and slow R&B style vocals from Driftwood. create a stunning cinematic experience that stands out as an intelligent work of art created by passionate individuals. 

If your tired of the same old pandering pop videos and looking for a truly thought provoking visual and auditory experience, I highly recommend watching the video below.


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