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Vanic and F.Stokes take on a different sound in "Shaka Zulu"

Vancouver based producer Vanic has been raising heat with an abundance of success in the electronic music world. Embarking on his North American tour this coming September along side AOBeats, PHAM, Whethan and more, it seems things are only going up for Vanic. The West Coast producer is best known for his collaboration and instant classic in "Make Me Fade" with K. Flay. Since that release over a year ago, the producer has mastered a shiny and grand signature sound. Additionally, the producer has been adding the "Vanic" touch to many of today's top 40 hits including, Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" and Coleman Hell's "2 Heads". With each release, the producer further reaffirms his relevance in the scene and ability to both create kaleidoscopic originals and remixes. 

In his latest work "Shaka Zulu", Vanic teams up with Chicago based rapper F.Stokes. The track is an exuberant work with a stimulating atmosphere. Originally written for Kanye West, the boisterous tenacities within the track prop it as hard-hitting. The first drop takes on a winding trap sound with it's shrieking synths. Eventually we're brought back to Vanic's roots in the second drop with pulsating rhythms and an airy future bass aesthetic. 

"Hey guys - this one's a little different but I hope you like! F.Stokes has some crazy talent... I am so excited to roll this one out for you guys. Went a little more harder on this one for the live shows. Will be on tour all over the U.S this fall so be sure to check & download @ DJVANIC.COM .. ciao!" - Vanic

"A lot of people don't know this but Shaka Zulu was written for Kanye, my brother Malik Yusef called me to the studio with him and Mike Will to write for the YEEZUS album. I wrote a few songs based off the vibe Malik put me on to - Kanye actually loved Shaka Zulu but never used it. Dope to see it continue to grow..." - F.Stokes

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