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3LAU adds his own twist to Ariana Grande's "Into You"

Pop princess Ariana Grande firmly holds her title as one of the most relevant names in contemporary music. With two singles currently in Billboard's Top 20, the chanteuse continues to move forward with her electrifying chops. Contributing his own take to the artist's latest single "Into You" is 3LAU. Seeing his beginnings creating mash ups to upload on YouTube, the Las Vegas producer has come a long way now creating originals of his own, through exhilarating remixes and originals that take on a fun progressive sound. The electronic producer and DJ recently saw his own "Is It Love" get the remix treatment from others, but now, he's taking that helm for himself on "Into You."

In this remix, 3LAU adds a soulful house twist with funky percussion to the track’s original construction, building upon the delectable deep house style found in the success of original "Is it Love". The deep sounds of the track play out to be the perfect club tune. The chilled out feel lays the backdrop to the groovy atmosphere of the track make it both ideal for the dance floor or a track to act as a hazy backdrop to a lazy beach day. And aside from releasing new music, 3LAU on his tour that includes dates in both Asia and North America.

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