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Introducing: Princess Cyberspace releases new high-tech track "Alone, By Myself"

West Hollywood based duo Princess Cyberspace has dubbed their music "cyberpop" and for good reason. The project is fronted by Rebecca L'Amore, a model, songwriter and new media mogul. She is backed up by multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer STEL LEO. The two initially met in Boston, but soon brought their combined talents to the West Coast. 

Their message on new song "Alone, By Myself" is simple, but no less effective and resonates with anyone who has ever been so lost in their phone that they can't speak, can't communicate. Like the majority of what the duo writes, this track cuts to the core issues of how technology confuses modern interchanges. And L'Amore sums it up it a single lyric, "I sit here alone by myself, I hate when you can't be yourself." 

Connect with Princess Cyberspace: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud 

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