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BRLY LGL run us through a "Lap of Luxury" in latest banger

Appropriately originating from Sin City, BRLY LGL's style will induce you to tap into all your guiltiest vices.  If you haven't heard of them yet, the duo embrace a gritty badassery that will channel listeners inner delinquents through their uncanny beats and head-banging grooves. Our last feature on the duo was a fascinating banger that uniquely melded Connor McGregor's vocal samples over a oriental inspired trap bass-line. Not limiting themselves to a genre, one thing is certain when it comes to BRLY LGL's music; an eminent attitude impossible to ignore. With a recent mix via Kannibalen Radio and a steadily growing following, the group's outwardly ways will surely catch the attention of masses soon enough.

Made up of Rob de Large and Hannah Bo, our favourite bad boy/bad girl duo is back with a track that slams in energy in all the right nooks and crannies. "Lap of Luxury" is an electronic hybrid track that blends dirty bass with the sincerity of melodic vocals. This release marks an significant point for the duo, as it is the first official release off their imprint Adult Sounds. Sweeping in listeners through a soundscape of emotion and dance-worthy beats, "Lap of Luxury" caters to all. From the ratchet raver breaking it down on the warehouse dance floor, to the wallflower swaying behind the sound system, "Lap of Luxury" somehow manages to encapsulate the wide spectrum of energies in one track. 

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