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Keith Ape flosses his way through "Diamonds" video

Keith Ape and The Cohort crew are not known for a somber, lackadaisical style; in fact, their rise from overseas obscurity to world wide stardom was due to their wild and energetic delivery. Each member seemed to have only digested their hardest, moshiest aspects of hip-hop/trap scene. However, Ape's latest release is  much more relaxed and laid back. While "Diamonds" still possess a banger of beat, the Korean rapper chooses to slur his way through his hooks and verses, instead of his usual uninhibited screaming. It is a welcomed change and demonstrates that he and his friend, Jedi P, are capable of handling multiple forms as needed. 

"Diamonds'" accompanying video is a collaboration between Ape, Converse, and Counter Climate. The colorized visuals will keep you engaged for the entirety of the near four minute long song. Every scene is drowning in blues, purples, and reds to create a psychedelic effect. Ape glides through the video, as if he is in the midst of a bender and a little confused as to how he is moving. Although he is rapping about having a lot of diamonds and being the freshest, he finds himself in dark alleys and backstreets alone, staggering to his next destination.

While "Diamonds" itself is mellow in comparison to Ape's previous releases, the video is not. You should definitely give the video a shot, check it out above.

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