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STALGIA's "In The Trees" is a dark and delicous dose of indie-pop with a bite

Indie dark-pop new-comer STALGIA's music is delicate and melodic, awakening the senses like the fragile stroke of finger tips on the back of your neck. Their songs "Rust" and "Tepid" are atmospheric and intricately crafted, perfect for a chill-out or an introspective evening, back on the floor, and head pointed toward the ceiling.  Her latest single "In The Trees," initially diverts from her velvet soundscapes, trading them in for a haunting atmospheric sound practically plucked straight from John Carpenter's catalog from the crpyt. The music gnarls its way forward before diminishing into a smoky swing tempo melody that is pungent and  provocative. Her vocals crawl lackadaisically over the music bed, like bodies flowing in cadence over bed sheets. It's a more electric and sonically driven side of STALGIA we haven't seen and one we welcome with open arms.  

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Dark Pop · Indie Pop · Pop


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