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G-Rex & Holly combine forces in powerful new single, "Revenant" [Premiere]

G-Rex and Holly are two names you should definitely know by now if your into bass music. Both producers have been quite busy this year leaving an impressive list of releases behind them. G-rex has seen releases on Ultra Music, Plenum Records, Brednbutter, and more, while Holly recently put out an EP on Buygore Records and has had singles on Slow Roast Records, Elysian, and Good Enuff, among others. 

"Revenant" is a smashing combination of the two producers styles that had me hooked from the moment I heard it. Fast paced drums in the intro build the tension in anticipation of whats to come. A quick break introduces a sinister lead and then WOMP. The drop is a crazy mix of pulsing sub bass, energetic drums, anxious fills, and that sinister lead. If I ever get chased out of an abandoned psych ward by some unexplainable ghostly figures, I think this song will play in my head as I bolt out of there as fast as I can. Take a listen and I think you'll understand what I mean. 


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