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Introducing: Stillhound and "Spring Conscious"

Fergus Cook, Laurie Corlett-Donald and Dave Lloyd are the newest notable thing to come out of Edinburgh, Scotland. The trio known as Stillhound are on their way to claiming an impressive sound as their brand, one that defies genre in its illustrious creation of soundscapes. To really make their mark, they've been prepping for the release of their debut album entitled Bury Everything.
Our first introduction to the group and Bury Everything is via one of the album's singles entitled "Spring Conscious." Following the dark debut track "Seethe Unseen," "Spring Conscious" is an organic expression of electronica and pop, taking the listener into new musical heights with an ethereal combination of entrancing progressions of guitar and guitar sampling, vocals and a distinct point of view on production.
Take a listen to "Spring Conscious" ahead of the release of their album that's out September 23rd via Lost Oscillation Records
Bury Everything Tracklisting:
  1. Spring Conscious
  2. Time Enough For Love
  3. Lofty Ambitions
  4. Think This Way
  5. Mountain Rescue
  6. Shy
  7. Summer Nightmares
  8. Seethe Unseen
  9. When Ghosts Get Angry
  10. Bury Everything
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