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Feel "The Magic" with Lola Blanc's brand of circus pop [Premiere]

There are few people whose stories are as interesting as Lola Blanc’s. In her childhood, she fell prey to a con man who capitalized on Mormon beliefs and who became a cult leader, now influencing many of the recurring themes of broken faith and spiritual turmoil in Blanc’s music. And as a former child ventriloquist, it’s not hard to see why elements of theatricality compose much of her musical and visual style.

Today, Blanc has released the titular second single from her debut EP, "The Magic" and it's a spooky ballad that hopefully searches for the "magic" to scare away all the frights and things that go bump in the night. Framed against a ghostly show tune backdrop ripe with bouncing piano chords, "The Magic" shouldn't be interpreted literally, lyrically speaking. Instead, with lines like "only true love can last" and "because I want to believe in the magic", one can only assume that the "magic" Lola is speaking about extends beyond the tricks and mystical nature of Houdini and the circus; it's actually rooted in humanity, in the real things that influence our lives for the better. 

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