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Rejoice! Justice make us "Safe and Sound" and all is right with the world.

Is it Christmas? It definitely feels that way, with French electro house duo Justice having just dropped a brand new single on the world. The last time we saw Parisians Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Augé, they were finishing up their "Access All Arenas" tour, which was used to promote their last album, Audio, Video, DiscoThat was now three years ago, and during that time electronic dance music has underwent numerous stylistic and cultural evolutions. As with any cross-generational band, it's always a consideration whether (and how well) certain genres will translate over the years. How would Justice's style of energetic, hard rock and disco-infused style of electro house translate into today's musical culture?

Well, wonder no more. The new single, "Safe and Sound" is unquestionably a Justice track, and an excellent one at that. The track length itself is a throwback to older EDM songs, as it's 5:50 runtime makes it almost two full minutes longer than most EDM radio-edit singles. Musically, the track maintains the aforementioned rock elements, but this time Justice doubles down on the disco, with sultry base guitars and soft, melodic synths throughout.  Throw in some awesome, glittery effects and those off-kilter, chorus-like child vocals (similar to those heard in the now classic D.A.N.C.E.), and you've got yourself a great new Justice tune that bodes well for their upcoming album. So check out the track above, and check the links below for more information on your new (old) favorite band.

Connect with Justice:   Youtube  |  Facebook  |  Official Site

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