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Max Cooper remixes Slovenie's debut "Disaster" [Premiere]

South London has been cranking out talent, with electronic musicians and vocalists seemingly being its specialty. One of the city's latest prodigies goes by the name of Slovenlie, and she just released her debut single entitled "Disaster" on April 1st of this year. Since then, her classical training and gritty sense of self has attracted listeners to her sound's first official entry into the world of music. And though already an electronically produced track, "Disaster" is up for a round of remixes. 

On deck with one of the featured "Disaster" remixes is Max Cooper. We've heard from Cooper in his impressive amount of releases that he's amassed in his career, including his debut album Human that was released in 2014. Since then, the London-based producer has been lending his remix talents to a range of others - Guy Andrews, JoeFarr - and giving us a taste of his impressive live act from 6+ hour-long sets. Today we have a first listen to his remix of "Disaster," and it perfectly incapsulates his style and Slovenlie's allure in one musical moment. A lush electronic environment, the remix almost organically gives birth to a groovy danceable track with fleeting vocal samples. 

The "Disaster" remixes will be out soon via Celerity Records.

Connect with Max Cooper: SoundCloud | Facebook

Connect with Slovenlie: SoundCloud | Facebook


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