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James Vincent McMorrow drops "Rising Water," with new album announcement

Irish crooner and songwriter James Vincent McMorrow has announced his third LP, We Move, out September 2 on Mahogany Books / Burning Rope. With that, he also announced the release for his new single, "Rising Water."  

"Rising Water" starts as a simmering, soulful song backed by a funky bass guitar before McMorrow's falsetto and a synthetic hi hat come in. By then, it more resembles a poppy R&B jam, which isn't all that surprising seeing that Nineteen85 of OVO and dvsn fame executive produced the new album.  "Rising Water" marks a definite departure from McMorrow's last album, Post Tropical, which went heavy on the drum machines, horns and pads.  

On Facebook, McMorrow wrote a lengthy note to fans to accompany the new single, saying,

"I'm not the most confident person. It's something I've struggled with all my life. All of my musical heroes put themselves out there on records in such a candid black and white way, which just felt like something that was a world away for me. Every time I've made an album before this one, I've worked so hard to shroud the thing in metaphor and imagery, until I'm so blurred in the picture that even I can barely see myself in it... In every part of this new album I see myself. I hear it in every lyric and every note. And it's still terrifying. But it's exactly what I needed to make. Because I can't be the person I want to be, or the musician I want to be, unless I pursue what I hear without hesitation." 

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