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Mick Jenkins reconnects with theMIND on "Sunkissed"

Over the course of the last few months, Mick Jenkins has released a steady stream of singles and loose tracks for fans to enjoy. This week he continued this tradition, surprising fans with his latest track "Sunkissed." The Chicago MC has always been a substance over flash artist, forgoing short sighted trends to chase after longer lasting impact. He does not shy away from discussing uncomfortable aspects of society, but approaches these topics in unique and creative ways. Fans know to expect impressive lyrical content and formidable musicianship, which is way they keep clamoring for each new song. 

"Sunkissed" reunites Mick with fellow Chicagoan, theMIND. The two previously worked on a pair of tracks that the young rapper released in January. Their musical connection is palpable, which makes their collaborations special. For this instant case, Mick and theMIND switch off performing their respective verses through smooth fades. At certain points during the hook, the rapper sings along adding a striking lower octave to the vocals. Mick Jenkins discusses ongoing institutional racism and police brutality throughout, but also emphasizes on self-love and actualization. 

"Sunkissed" is a solid track and will help keep fans' thirst for new Mick Jenkins music at bay for a little while. You can check out the song above.

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Hip-Hop · Rap · Soul-Hop


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