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Far & Few unveils lush remix of TRACES "Heavy Shoulders"

If you haven't heard of Far & Few yet, they're definitely a group to take note of. The duo hails from Austin, Texas and are coming out with some great material as of late. Their original "Candyland" exhibits a playful sound that seemingly take inspiration from 8-bit technologies but are tactfully boosted by grooving melodies and dense layers. Far & Few have also made their mark on Major Lazer's "Be Together", flipping it into an eclectic trap banger complete with fat growls that shift it into a darker dimension. In each release, the duo boast a creative signature style, marrying sweet vocals into distorted synths painted with a peppy future bass flair.

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What makes the formula for a killer well-rounded track? It's all found in the latest release from Far & Few. In their latest remix, the production duo adds a glistening twist to TRACES poignant track "Heavy Shoulders" combining meticulous compositions over smooth vocals and electrifying energies. "Heavy Shoulders" by TRACES already stands alone as an exceptional work of art with it's impactful lyrics and nostalgic timbre. In this remix, Far & Few manage to retain the original's emotional tonalities, but inject an innovative flair with it's vocal manipulations. When you thought the original track couldn't get dreamier, Far & Few prove that wrong as the track warms listeners up into a sublime state of bliss. Approapriateiy supported by dreamy bass moguls MrSuicideSheep, the track ideally paints the image of complexities found in lust and love. The other-worldy synths that riddle the track bring it forward as both a sweet and somber tune, tugging at the bittersweet strands of our hearts. 

Connect with Far & Few: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter
Connect with TRACE: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


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