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VELVETEARS seduces us with "Share The Throne"

VELVETEARS dropped a seductive a$$ track called "Share The Throne" (which happens to rhyme with "Let's Just Bone"). But that has less to do with the song title, and more to do with the fact that it's impossible to not become sexually aroused by this beat combined with the silky smooth vocals from this songstress.

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Alex Trevelyan produced this masterpiece with dripping synths, rolling sex snares, a thrusting bass, a slow strum from an electric guitar, a steamy static echo, a mermaid & a blunt. VELVETEARS is 103% a mermaid wearing velvet. You can't just have these ethereal of vocals by not living under the sea. Her voice is straight sexy, sultry & soothing. 

In fact, lemme tell you what should be going through your mind while pleasuring yourself to listening to the track. First things first, roll it up. If you have no bars; have a homie roll it up. Light it up. Also, light up that candle that's next to your bed. Then think to yourself, "damn, this is serene AF". Inhale. The only light you see is the flame from the candle and the slow burning cherry. Turn up the cut so the synths are vibrating through your body from the throne in your dome to the twinkles in your toes. Exhale. Watch the cloud move above you to the left in a steady stream of steam and observe the free form of the smoke. Manipulate its form by touching the tip of your finger to the cloud; making an ocean with smoke from the sound. Shortly after (because you believe in magic and extraterrestrial shit) a mermaid appears in your ocean of smoke. Confused if you're high school high or just extremely indulged in your imagination; you vibe with it. The mermaid hits the blunt. Before she exhales, she sings the entire track with one breath.

"this shit is all i fuckin got
I’m spillin out emotions i can’t keep em locked
i dont need u but u gun need me
i could make u who u wanna be
we could trap out in the back its fine
u aint gotta worry i do this shit too its fine
i might jus fly u out
i might jus fuck around and show u wut my lifes about
i might jus share the throne
i might jus show u how this shit can go"

You know why? Right, because she can't breathe out of water. Rumor has it, if mermaids fill their lungs up with enough blunt smoke, they can last for 1:30 seconds.

Which brings me to my next point. Adding this track to my list of #BlueballBangers because this shit was just straight up not long enough. Let me put it this way, I've listened to this song for 23 minutes straight and have no plans in changing it any time soon.

Connect with VELVETEARSSoundcloud | Instagram

Connect with Alex Trevelyan: Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter

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