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Oscuro to release "All In My Mind" [Premiere]

Oscuro is a budding artist, but not for long. The Cambridge, UK-based musician has a knack for composing beautifully arranged electronic music, with the fire explore its unseen boundaries. After landing a breakout hit with his remix of Tears for Fears's "Pale Shelter" in 2014 and comparisons to the stylings of Bonobo, Oscuro quickly saw the single get picked up by Universal Music and subsequent support from BBC on his work following the track. Now nearly two years later, Oscuro is announcing a huge career milestone  - his first artist album. Entitled All in My Mind, the release will feature vocals throughout from Mirror Signal and Archer, and a lead single of the same name due out July 8th.

“The concept for the album is based on my creative process which usually starts with me having an idea in my head and then going on a sonic journey to try and make that idea a reality.”

"All in My Mind" is the perfect introduction to Oscuro's style, and more importantly, potential as an artist. It's no mistake here that his photo is taken amidst wooded trees, as the single conveys a dewey, organic moment that brightens with time passing by. With a capricious, but pleasantly infectious lead synth melody and fluttering vocal samples throughout, "All In My Mind" conveys the predictable, yet controlled freedom in nature and in the way our minds work. Overall, this single opens the door to a wide array of possibilities we can expect from Oscuro in the coming time ahead of the release of his album.

Connect with Oscuro: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

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