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Marlene releases a summer tune "All I Want" [Premiere]

Today, Marlene has hit us with the most perfect electro-pop summer jam. The Swedish sweetheart has demonstrated her vocal capabilities as well as her lyrical depth over an electronic production entitled "All I Want."

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The uplifting and airy track takes our mind a lot of places, but most notably, nostalgia comes to top of mind. The process of longing for an ex and finally getting to be with them; the heartache melting away. The production on "All I Want" by duo Humble & Blisse and Nisj also helps to take us on an electronic R&B journey of the likes of Snakehips, as the production features clicks, clacks, electro pop synths, vocal loops, and a steady drum line. The progression of the song takes you through three different moods - and by moods I mean times of day. The first of the three melodically tuned sequences is the "morning" while waking up to the sunrise: everything is quiet around you but your thoughts are starting to brainstorm and your body is rising as you lay in bed.

Noon comes and now you are fueling your day, your mind and body are no longer still and you are full force stimulated, absorbing the nature around you, feeling the breeze run through your hair as you are slurping the most refreshing of tropical smoothies. Sparking H20. Coke in a bottle. Rosé. Cold Brew. Whatever tickles your fancy and satisfies your thirst.

As the third mood comes in you are feeling the rhythm and nothing can stop you from dancing. Although the listener is grooving at this point, it's not like they are inside a club. I’m picturing more of a rooftop - shit, maybe even a backyard BBQ with a plethora of plantery. Wherever your mind takes your soul, know that nothing is standing still around you and with each breath taken, a new movement is made. With the end of the day comes a morphing into an unstoppable force and floating through the function sprinkling fairy dust on all the partygoers. The darling describes her own intention for the listeners.

”To me ’All I Want’ is about waking up one day and realizing that you’ve made it through, that you’ve come out on the other side. Like waking up to the first sunny spring day after a long horrible winter (all Scandinavians can relate). I wanted that good feeling to be reflected not just in the lyrics but also in the beat and the sounds and I hope that everyone that listens to the song will feel that good energy too!"

Marlene is currently on tour around the US. Catch her if you can, if not; connect with her virtually.

Connect with Marlene: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

Dreampop · Electro Pop · Main Stage · Pop


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