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Marcio Lama returns with 'Closer' EP

It's artists like Marcio Lama that have an edge in their music making careers. The LA-based, Dominican Republic-bred producer and DJ has a worldly wealth of inspiration to pull from in living in two distinct cultures, and his music showcases the breadth that's given his style. Following the release of a free download in "Repento," earlier this year, Lama has returned with a full EP built around his track "Closer." With a festival remix from Dance Cartel and a "Chill" remix from Lama himself, he explains the background of "Closer" on his SoundCloud, where the track is streaming now:

Hi there. I seem to have accumulated a hard-drive full of songs that are a mix between pop, progressive house, and retro-oldish sounds. I've found they're pretty complicated to sign to any specific labels because they're very niche-esque tracks. 'Closer' is a song I started more than a year ago, and I've decided to release it for free due to this. It'll be an EP and will include a progressive house remix from my friends Dance Cartel and a very dirty and grungy 'retro' remix from myself. Hope you enjoy! – M

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